The only moving checklist you'll need for 2023

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Moving and changing your house could be an overwhelming process because you have to tear your whole house down and reset your things in the new one. 

According to Harvard University reports, about 13% of Americans move from their previous location to the new one every year. But this has changed since the pandemic, with the number rising to 8.93 million in 2020 compared to 2019 and still growing. 

Now when talking about moving, people think all they need is some tape and boxes. Well, here, you’re mistaken. Moving requires a lot of supplies to help you make your moving process smooth. 

And it would be best if you make a list of those essential supplies and purchase the needed item so that you do not have to face inconvenience during the big day. 

Here we have made a complete list of essential moving elements that should be with you when moving houses.

Here’s What You Will Need To Make You Move Easy

  • Various types and numbers of boxes

Boxes are the essential item that is needed when planning a move. And you will need many boxes to fit a whole house in it. But remember that just one type of box will not be helpful.

When you’re packing your stuff, you will need various types of boxes because everything is not made to fit in one kind of box. You cannot fit your dishes in typical regular boxes and believe them all good there. 

Different items need different types of boxes to keep them safe and sound and to prevent any damage to them 

The following are different types of boxes based on their use:

  • Small Boxes

 For heavy items like books, notebooks, and tiny fragile decoration pieces.

  • Medium Boxes

 These can be used for your dishes, especially if you get these boxes with box dividers. These will hold your dish sets very safely.

  • Large Boxes

These are perfect for storing bulky items like bed sheets, pillows, or blankets. 

  • Electronic Boxes

These are important as they are designed to hold all your electronic gadgets like LEDs, PC systems, or other devices. If you have the boxes of your gadgets stored somewhere in your garage or store room, try to use them. Otherwise, you can find these types of packages in departmental stores.

  • Furniture protection supplies

These supplies are used to protect your furniture or other fragile stuff. These protect all your furniture from any possible damage because moving can cause a good amount of damage to furniture or other house stuff. 

Following are the things that you can use for the protection of your stuff:

  • Bubble wrap sheets

Our very old trusted buddy, the bubble wrap sheet, is the best thing that could be used to protect not just furniture but every home item. Bubble wrap can be the best purchase for the moving day. You can use these for covering your fragile furniture items. You can even use these to protect your delicate dish sets, and these will prove to be the perfect insulators for your boxes.

  • Old newspapers

Newspapers are also a pretty sought-out item when packing and are quite a cost-friendly option. They might not be very good at cushioning, but they can still help cover different house items. But keep this fact in mind that as these do not provide a good cushion effect, you should not use these for any delicate item.

  • Furniture pads

Lastly, the furniture pads are suitable for keeping your big and heavy pieces intact. Furniture pads can cover your dressers, sofa, chairs, etc. This helps to keep the furniture as it was maintaining it scratch free. 

You can even purchase your furniture pads, or you can even rent them from your moving company.

  • Sealing supplies

After putting everything in boxes, it is time to seal the boxes off. And for that, you will need all the packing and sealing supplies. Sealing supplies are the different sets of tapes you might need to seal off your boxes. And yes, just like the boxes, different kinds of tapes are also used to seal the boxes. 

These tapes are generally of good quality, having excellent adhesive power so that nothing gets out of the cartons. 

Following are some packing tapes:

  • Duct Tape: Due to its excellent adhesive power, duct tape can be used for sealing heavy boxes.

  • Packing tapes:  As the name suggests, this tape is used explicitly for packing and, most commonly, to seal small and medium boxes.

  • Masking /labeling tapes: These come in handy when you have to label the boxes to recognize which package contains the material.

  • Basic essential tools

You will have a complete toolbox with you, but along with all the other things, don’t forget to add these small tools to your box.

  • Gloves for protection of your hands from scratches or abrasion

  • labeling markers are suitable for labeling the boxes. Make sure these are permanent ones

  • some plastic bags for putting in some small items like charging wires etc.

  • sharp knives for cutting wires and cords

  • scissors for cutting chunks of tape

  • cutters of the box for cutting the tape seals when disassembling the boxes

  • A set of cleaning supplies

Keep your cleaning supplies with you when moving, and do not pack them in any box. Things tend to get messy when moving, and you will have to clean both your last and the new house. 

For the sweeping purpose, you will need a broom; after sweeping, you will need a dust pan to collect the trash. Because, of course, nobody likes to get their hands dirty. You might also need a bucket in case you need water while cleaning. 

Last but not least, the essential trash bags because there will be heaps of trash to collect and throw.

Remember! Planning is the key to a stress-free move

Moving could be very daunting if you do not have the right plan and strategy. According to Forbes, the right moving plan can minimize anxiety and save time. So be sure to plan your move before your big day. 

And make sure that you have all the essential supplies so you don’t have to worry during the moving process. Use this list to figure out what you already have and what you will need to buy and enjoy a smooth moving process.