Unpacking the Moving Trends of 2023: Where Are Americans Heading Next?

Over two years have passed since the pandemic initiated significant shifts in our lives. Surprisingly, despite the economic struggles and one of the biggest housing market bubbles in recent history, one trend that has remained constant is people’s propensity to move.

At the onset of the pandemic, moving was often a necessity – a response to job loss, remote work, or caring for vulnerable family members. But now, as we’ve adapted to our new normal, many people are again reconsidering their zip codes based on evolving needs and priorities. So, where exactly are Americans moving to in 2023, and why? Let’s dive in!

Unveiling the Top 20 Destinations

The trend that emerges from analyzing the moving patterns of American Made Mover customers in 2021 and early 2023 is clear. Many Americans are gravitating towards the Southeastern states, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Drawn by a lower cost of living, less extreme seasonal weather, and abundant natural spaces, these states have become magnets for people looking to relocate.

Exceptions to the trend include northern cities such as Boise, ID, and Portland, ME, both of which continue to be popular destinations. Boise, known for its balance of urban and outdoor living, and Portland, with its scenic coastal beauty, continue to draw new residents, albeit further down the list this year.

Among the cities that have seen the most significant increase in residents from January 2021 through March 2023, Sarasota, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Nashville stand out. Let’s take a closer look at some of these growth hubs.

The Sunshine State Shines Brightest

Florida consistently tops the list of preferred moving destinations. Sarasota, FL, which was 5th on the list in 2021, has climbed to the top spot, thanks to its charm, beautiful beaches, and thriving arts scene.

But the allure of Florida extends beyond just Sarasota. Six cities from the Sunshine State have made the top 20 list, including Ocala, Tampa Bay, and Orlando. With a lower cost of living than many metropolitan areas, access to nature, and year-round sunny weather, Florida has become a beacon for continued growth.

Texas Rises in the Ranks

Texas has also emerged as a top choice for movers, hosting four cities in the top 20 list. The state has been making headlines as a favorite among Hollywood and Silicon Valley’s elite. Cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin offer an affordable cost of living, ample sunshine, and access to wide-open spaces, making Texas a tempting choice for those looking to relocate.

Rank City State
1 Sarasota Florida
2 Dallas-Fort Worth Texas
3 Nashville Tennessee
4 Boise Idaho
5 Ocala Florida
6 Tampa Bay Florida
7 Orlando Florida
8 Charlotte North Carolina
9 Houston Texas
10 San Antonio Texas
11 Jacksonville Florida
12 Melbourne Florida
13 Austin Texas
14 Phoenix Arizona
15 Raleigh North Carolina
16 Savannah Georgia
17 Charleston South Carolina
18 Portland Maine
19 Asheville North Carolina
20 Chattanooga Tennessee

Please note that this table is hypothetical and based on the previous information you provided. The exact order and cities might be different in reality.

What About the Cities People are Leaving?

While the focus is often on where people are moving to, it’s equally important to look at the cities they’re leaving behind. California, particularly Los Angeles and the San Francisco area, has seen significant exoduses. High taxes, soaring real estate prices, and densely populated cities likely contribute to this, not to mention the state’s vulnerability to natural disasters and its hard hit from COVID-19.

However, trends are not rules. They shift and change as our circumstances do. They’re great for giving an overview of where others are moving, but the ultimate choice should always be based on personal preferences, needs, and circumstances. In the end, the best place to live is the one that feels like home.

And if you decide to join the growing number of movers in 2023, make sure you choose a moving company that understands the need for flexibility and patience during these unpredictable times. Whether you’re heading to the sunshine-filled beaches of Sarasota, the bustling streets of Dallas, or the serene landscapes of Boise, here’s wishing you a seamless transition into your new home.

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Safe travels!